October 21, 2016

Episode 131 | Woolly Wool Wool + Giveaway Winners!!

Winners of the Kinfolk Yarn & Fiber giveaway announced!!  Thank you to Kislan for this awesome giveaway and to everyone who entered! If you were a winner, please send your mailing address to Kylan on Ravelry.

I'm currently working on the Stopover pullover by Mary Jane Mucklestone using Lettlopi.

Review: Mountain Meadow Wool Alpine DK.

I have two pretty skeins in the teal colourway. Some of my pattern suggestions for this yarn:

Burnaby Hat by Brooklyn Tweed
Hirombe Hat by Brooklyn Tweed
Laurel Hat by Brooklyn Tweed
High Pines Cowl by Brooklyn Tweed

Pond Hopping Fingerless Gloves by Alicia Plummer
Pond Hopper Hat by Alicia Plummer

Just in case anyone is interested, my new leggings are from Sweet Legs.

October 14, 2016

Episode 130 | Fit, Sweater Knitting + Spinzilla 2016 Recap

I talk about working on getting sweaters and clothes in general to fit, as well and starting a new sweater knit, and a Spinzilla 2016 recap!

It's not too late to enter into the huge giveaway by Kinfolk Yarn & Fibre! You can find more information on how to win on the Snappy Stitches Ravelry group - specifically, this thread and this thread.  The giveaway closes October 17, 2017 and all of the specifics are in the entry threads.

I've started knitting the Stopover Pullover by Mary Jane Mucklestone, and I'm fiddling with the sizing so I can have a truly custom sweater.

It's been a few years since I've sewn any garments (I popped in a slideshow of some of the garments I've made myself), but I'm planning to get back to it so I can have some clothes that fit me.

I mention Amy Herzog's first Craftsy class, Knit to Flatter, which has great information on measuring yourself.  Amy's site, Custom Fit, also has great (and free!!) info on taking your measurements, as does her book, Knit to Flatter.

Interested in finding out more about Spinzilla?  I'd strongly recommend participating if you're a spinner!  Keep an eye out for spinner registration next Aug/Sept.

I gush about the Northbound Knitting Fiber Club and show off the September shipment as well as the October shipment of the Nest fiber club. I am kicking myself for not signing up for the Oct-Dec club from NBK.

Most of the fiber I spun during Spinzilla this year was from Custom Woolen Mills (4 pounds to be exact!), but I did spin 1 braid of superwash merino/nylon in the Tea Leaves colourway from Sweet Georgia. I'm not sure they're dyeing this colourway anymore though, because it was a special colourway for Spinzilla this year.  The roving I spun was Rambouillet, Hampshire, and Texel. The Texel was my favourite by far. It's going to make an awesome sweater.

My total yardage (which I think I forgot to mention in the podcast) was 10,858 yards!! Better than my stretch goal of 10,000 yards!

After Spinzilla I plied up the superwash merino/nylon singles in the Cousteau colourway from Kinfolk Yarn & Fiber.

The Yellow Roses shawl by Clothesline Designs has been released, and during the months of October and November 2016, 75% of the proceeds will be donated to Mind, a mental health charity in the UK.

October 3, 2016

Episode 129

On today's show I recap my Knit City 2016 experience, including talks by Ysolda Teague and Stephanie Pearl McPhee, aka the Yarn Harlot!

We also kick off a huge giveaway by Kinfolk Yarn & Fibre! You could win one of these beauties!!! -

Kinfolk Yarn & Fibre Snappy Stitches Giveaway

You can find more information on how to win on the Snappy Stitches Ravelry group - specifically, this thread and this thread.

The giveaway closes October 17, 2017 and all of the specifics are in the entry threads.

Knitting -

I'm continuing to work on my Sandpiper rectangular shawl out of Kraemer Yarns Sophia (lots of details on Episode 128), pattern to be released fairly soon.

I frogged the lace shawl out of Sweet Georgia Yarns CashLuxe Fine, Wisteria colourway. I'm going to cast on for something else fairly soon!

Knit City -

I saw Ysolda's talk on Every Body is Knit Worthy on Friday night, which really got me thinking more about sizing and my feelings attached to it. On Saturday night, I went to the talk by Stephanie Pearl McPhee, aka the Yarn Harlot. It was great! She was hilarious. Here's an article about it by the cbc.

I wore my Nordic Wind Shawl by Cabin Four out of Lettlopi on Friday night, all day Saturday and Saturday evening. It was the perfect knitwear for me for the weekend. Super warm - doubling as a jacket almost!

I got tons of goodies from Knit City and talked about these companies/people in particular -

Ysolda Teague
Stephanie Pearl McPhee aka the Yarn Harlot
Sweet Georgia Yarns
Julie Asselin
Sweet Fiber
Soft Sweater aka Sylvia McFadden
Tin Can Knits
Baaad Anna's Yarn Shop in East Van
Wet Coast Wools in Kitsilano
Wet Coast Wools Videocast with Glenda and Bernadette
Yarn Ink
Ancient Arts Yarns
Sea Turtle Yarns
Josee Paquin, Knitwear Designer
YOTH (yarn on the house)

I grabbed lunch from the Culver City Salads food truck - noodles, salad, creamy ginger dressing and a kombucha to drink. Delicious!

September 27, 2016

Episode 128

Today I'm wearing the Hakone Cardigan by Amy Herzog, knit from Berroco Ultra Alpaca in January 2015.

I talk about participating in the second Initiate Knit Design Challenge with Aroha Knits.  I think she'll be running another one in the future, so you might want to sign up for her newsletter or follow her on social media if you think you might be interested in participating.

I'm so excited to be announcing a HUGE giveaway from Kinfolk Yarn & Fibre on the next show, so don't miss out, and make sure you watch it as soon as it comes out!  There will be yarn and fiber!!

I'm currently spinning some really nice Superwash BFL in Wanderlust from Kinfolk Yarn & Fibre.

I take a look at dyeing and knitting with Kraemer Yarns - Sophia, a sport weight, undyed yarn tailored to the hand dyer. I used RIT Dye in Denim and Teal that I picked up from Michael's.

I would really love to try out some of the other Kraemer Yarns bases, I've enjoyed the Sophia so much.  Thanks to Kraemer for providing the yarn, and to Stitchcraft Marketing for arranging the yarn for me to review.

When I dyed up the Sophia base (merino, silk, cotton, linen), I used some of the techniques I learned in the Professional Yarn Dyeing At Home Craftsy class.  I would highly recommend both the Kraemer Yarns Sophia base as well as this class.

The pom pom maker I showed was the 3 3/8" Clover Pom Pom Maker.  Keep an eye out on Twitter and Instagram for the release of both the Sandpiper rectangular shawl and the Watershed Hat!

I mentioned the release of my Watershed Cowl and Mata Shawl.

I'm gearing up for Knit City and excited to hear Ysolda Teague and Stephanie Pearl McPhee speak.

See you next week!!

September 7, 2016

Episode 127

Thank you to Kinfolk Yarn & Fibre for sponsoring the show from September to November!  Don't forget there will be a huge giveaway from Kinfolk, which will be announced during the first show in October!

The fiber shown at the start of the show is Kinfolk Yarn & Fibre Organic Polwarth in the Cirque du Soleil colourway (repeatable!!!)

Lalylala Crocheted Amigurumi characters by Lydia Tresselt (Bina Bear, Dirk the Dragon, etc)
Amigurumi To Go - Sharon Ojala

I mention Stitch Mastery charting software.

I'm spinning Kinfolk Yarn & Fibre - Merino/Nylon in Cousteau on my Lendrum DT, and on my Turtle Made spindle, some Romney/Texel I bought as a raw fleece and have been processing

New pattern! River District Hat (5 sizes, written and charted).

Soon to be released (by the end of September 2016) - Watershed Cowl - keep an eye on Twitter and Instagram for specifics.

Shetland - Show I just started watching on Netflix
Handworks Coffee Studio

August 19, 2016

Episode 126 | Shawls, Club Fiber, Design

Episode 126 | Show Notes | Shawls, Club Fiber, Design

I finally picked up a new knitting charting program, Stitch Mastery, to replace the free option I had been using, Stitch Fiddle Charting Software.  Stitch Fiddle was ok, but Stitch Mastery is AH-MAY-ZING!!  I also headed out to the library to grab a couple of design books, and talk about three knitwear design books on my wishlist.

I made huge progress on a braid of Superwash Merino/Nylon in the Cousteau colorway from Kinfolk Yarn & Fibre.  Just one bobbin left to go before I'm ready to start plying!  Stay tuned for more details on a huge giveaway that's going to be coming up near the beginning of October!

I won a new niddy noddy from the Plied Together Videocast with Annie, an awesome spinning (and knitting) podcast you should all be watching!

Spoilers for the August 2016 Nest Fiber Club and July 2016 Northbound Knitting Classic Fiber Club.

I also show off a beautiful braid of extra fine merino/bamboo/cashmere I won from Homestead Hobbiest, a prize from Team Bosworth for the Tour de Fleece this year.

Don't forget to put the Spinzilla signups on your calendar! September 1, 2016.

I have two new sock patterns out! Both are free for a limited time, so grab them as a free Ravelry download quick! They are both cuff down, heel flap socks written in multiple sizes. Gingell is written in 5 sizes, and Grace is written in 3 sizes!

Gingell Socks
Grace Socks

The hat that is currently with test knitters is called the River District Hat and will be released shortly.  It is written for 5 sizes - baby to adult large in Malabrigo Arroyo (sport weight) yarn.

The best way to express interest in test knitting for me is to sign up for my email list below. I will send out an email to let you know which pattern is ready for test knitting and you can either respond and let me know you're interested, or just ignore the email if you aren't interested in test knitting that particular design.

Over the next couple of months, I will be sending out an email every week sometimes, to every couple of weeks, but after clearing a backlog of patterns I've written, you can expect to hear from me about once a month.

The next pattern coming up for testing is my new DK weight Mata Shawl, so get yourself on the list!

Sign up to receive an email when I have a new test knitting opportunity available.