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October 11, 2015

Episode 105

{show notes ~ episode one oh five}

Happy Thanksgiving!!  We're hosting a small Thanksgiving dinner at our house tomorrow night, and I can't tell you how immensely I'm looking forward to turkey and stuffing. 

It has been a couple of weeks, but I wanted to put out one last show before I (hopefully) go into labour (due in 3 days).  I am toying with a once-a-month schedule until things normalize a bit more and I can get back to my normal weekly schedule - so I guess you can consider this October's show!

I attended a couple of knitting and spinning events, plus update you on my Spinzilla progress.  I have a new WIP I've been working on like a madwoman (almost done!!), as well as updates on a couple of projects from last time. 

Please know that the responses I received after releasing the last show really warmed my heart (I have just been very terribly slow (or more like completely remiss) in responding to them).  

{works in progress}

  • Waving Lace Socks. They've taken a bit of a backseat to the POP Blanket over the last week!

POP blanket by Tin Can Knits
POP Blanket by Tin Can Knits

{finished objects}

Sadly lacking this week.  I came so close with the Storytime Scholar Cardigan, but I just didn't get those buttons sewn on!

Knit City 2015 - entering the market.
Knit City 2015 - Entering the Marketplace just after 9:00am Saturday


{hand spinning}

It's the last day of Spinzilla 2015!! My spinning amount was shameful in comparison to last year, but I ended up spinning 'rogue' so my sucky yardage doesn't impact anyone but me.

Spunky Eclectic September 2015 Fiber Club
Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club - September 2015 - Squash Blossom on Corriedale

However, I am very pleased with what I chose to spin! I have been in the Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club for a full year now, and I have put each and every bump of fiber into my stash, so this is the first time I've ever spun Spunky fiber!  It was prepped and dyed so nicely, a real pleasure to spin.

I opted to split the bump of fiber vertically into 15 thinner strips and spun each strip from end to end (after a very light pre-draft).  I used a short forward draw, but didn't strangle all of the air out of the fiber as I smoothed it back down with my drafting hand.

Between not smoothing out all the air, and jumbling up the fibers a little bit with pulling it into strips, I have a more airy single than I would have if I had not stripped the fiber down and smoothed out all the air.  I also expect the corriedale to 'poof' a little bit, so hopefully I'll end up with a sock yarn on the softer, fluffier side of things.

I used my Hansen Mini-Spinner with the Lace Flyer, and will ply using the Woolee Winder flyer. 

I will be chain plying this single and making a pair of socks.  I'm hoping to get them knit up a little later this month for Socktoberfest 2015!


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